Friday, September 5, 2008

Apologies, Fantasy Hockey, Stefan Legein & More

My apologies for the slight break in blogging. Little or no hockey news (or just too late to blog about it) plus a very busy time at work plus some hiccups in life equals a very bad blogger. Now without further ado...

Hey Blue Jackets Fans!! I have started a Fantasy Hockey League on You can name your team after your fave Jacket past & present. It's a weekly Head to Head, with an automated draft set for September 20. Please join {League Name: "Columbus Blue Jackets Fans"}; I have 5 more spots to fill. (I also have a league for hockey fans in Indiana; So please, if you are a fan living in Indiana, please join {League Name: "Hoosier Fantasy Hockey League"}- because I need 11 more people...). These are all free leagues, of course. [EDITED: I tried to provide links but it only went to my teams for some reason. If I can find links to the league in order to join, I will post it up]

Canada's Sportsnet (Ontario Region) website tries to make sense of Stefan Legein.

So, it's a little over three weeks till the first preseason game (I'm nearly 90% sure I'm going to the first Jackets preseason game in Chicago). Mix feelings about whether I want this time to move quickly or not: I want hockey and I want it now, though that also means that while I'm (almost 90% sure I will be) at that first preseason game, my other half will be flying overseas to visit family for 4-5 weeks. So, I'm sure it will be a very lonely time those 4-5 weeks, watching hockey, reading hockey, reading Star Wars novels (yes, I'm a geek) and hiding from society in general. But at least I'll have hockey.

Discussion: Should I break out my Pazzie jersey to wear in Chicago, or should I go low-key for my safety?

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