Saturday, October 18, 2008

Adam Burish & some funny commercials

I love this.  During the home games, Comcast SportsNet Chicago mic's up a player and plays some of the things they say on the air.  I had laughed when I heard what Adam Burish called Greg de Vries of the Preds (towards the end of the video).

If you didn't catch it, de Vries asked Burish if he was mic'ed up.  Burish told de Vries "Is the dinosaur talking? Let the kids play, dinosaur."  Wow.  Looked up de Vries' age (35): in 5 years I will be a dinosaur too!

The Blackhawks have some "One Goal" commercial spots playing.  There is one I can't seem to find on the 'Hawks website that was a little cute.  Kane and a little boy skates up to the mic, I think his one goal is to inspire others, and the little kid says "We're almost the same age."  Priceless.  The second one of this batch of two featuring Kane & Toews is pretty good:

So, since I'm at work at the beginning of the 'Hawks vs. Blues game, I went out, bought a VHS tape (yes, they still make those things) and re-learn how to program the VCR.  Yes, let me repeat that, VCR.  Not DVR.  I'm still in the technological dark ages, but not really by choice. :)

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