Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I think I am going to REALLY like Commodore!

10 Questions with... Mike Commodore What were your first impressions after you signed with Columbus?
Mike Commodore: I was excited, of course. I chose to come here. I was excited about the moves they were making — they told me there was a plan in place, and they were going to execute it. I guess my first experience with the city has really been the last couple of days (visiting for the first time). It’s been great, it’s a nice city and everyone has been welcoming.

It is nice to hear a player say he is excited & chose to be in Columbus. This is a great change from that Adam Foote bailing out on us. I'm so excited that Commodore is so excited. :)

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Jenni said...

You're going to LOVE Commodore. He's hands down my favorite, and while I was pretty heartbroken when Carolina traded him at the deadline then didn't resign him, I'm glad he ended up in Columbus. He's hilarious, amazing on the ice, and a really smart guy. You'll love watching him on and off the ice. I'm going to try and come to Columbus sometime and cheer for him this season.