Thursday, December 4, 2008

Stefan Legein on HNIC Radio

About a five minute interview on Hockey Night in Canada Radio (Sirius Satellite Radio) with Stefan Legein (interviewed by Jeff Marek & Cassie Campbell).  Some notes of what I remember.

  • He sounded great, happy, doing well, glad for the decision.
  • He quelshed the rumor that he worked for Boston Pizza.  He simply ate there.
  • He said he started training again about a month ago with the St. Catharines Falcons. The itinerary I read online is the timeline he gave.
  • He doesn't regret his decision, though he also doesn't regret all the things he did before he got burned out.  He said he needed the time to decide what he really wanted.
  • He advised all the young players out there to find time for themselves; not necessarily take time off like he did, but still, take time off in the offseason.
  • He said he would have never walked away during the season.  He would have stick it out.  He also said Howson was understanding.  He hopes the Jackets players will give him a chance.  He also said the Steve Mason was doing an awesome job.
That's all I can remember.

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