Monday, November 24, 2008

Congrats... the Columbus Crew for winning the MLS Championships.  I'm not much of a soccer fan (maybe during the World Cup I'll watch it), but I was watching parts & bits of it anyways.  I was telling my husband (who knows about le football and played it as a kid, but does not actually like watching it):

Man, this is so boring. They keep kicking it out of bounds!

So it was flipping between the game & TruTV.  But I did watch the final minutes.  They may have recruited a new fan (without really adding a new soccer fan - it's fun to play but not to watch)

I hope they motivate the Jackets to go for the cup themselves, and do it in under 12 years :).

Oh yeh, is it just me or does the Crew's coach look faintly like Coach Hitchcock?  Is that possibly  a good sign?

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