Saturday, January 19, 2008

Holy Crap!!

ESPN's Barry Melrose:
Nash scores a lot of highlight goals. He's gigantic. But that's got to be the best goal of the season, maybe the last two seasons. This is better than Ovechkin's. [1]

Blue Jackets Center Dan Fritsche:
I could do that. On Xbox. [2]

What an unbelievable goal by Rick Nash! This is probably his second "Holy Crap!!!" goals this season, that I am aware of.

Rick Nash, October 25, 2007 (Columbus vs. Blues) - The between-the-legs-then-upstairs goal:

January 17, 2008 (Columbus @ Phoenix) - The Multiple Deke-Out Goal:

Here is the Alex Ovechkin on the back goal that was talked about (Which ironically happened January 16, 2006, in Phoenix):

I missed Hockey Night in Canada Radio's interview with Rick Nash yesterday, unfortunately. I would have loved to listen to that. I wonder if Don Cherry will mention anything about it on Coach's Corner.

When I decided to follow hockey again and to choose a team to root, people laughed at me for choosing the Blue Jackets (or didn't even know Columbus had a team. Needless to say the people I know are not hockey savvy). But with Pascal Leclaire and his 7 shut-outs this season, and Rick Nash with these awesome "Holy Crap" goals, and Nikolai Zherdev having a break-out season, and the Jackets mid-way through the season within playoff contentions....Needless to say I am extremely excited and feel like sticking it in their faces.


[1] What they're saying about Nash's goal. Columbus Dispatch Online (January 19, 2008).

[2] What they're saying about Nash's goal. Columbus Dispatch Online (January 19, 2008).

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