Thursday, April 3, 2008

All Blackhawks games to be televised next season

Owner Rocky Wirtz & President John McDonough announced yesterday that all Chicago Blackhawks games will be televised next season in HD. The vast majority will be aired on the regional sports station Comcast SportsNet Chicago, while about twenty will be aired on Chicago Superstation WGN. Any remaining games will be televised with other NHL partner stations (I guess that means Versus). Details are still be to worked out.

This is fantastic news. Previously, only the away games were shown on Comcast SportsNet Chicago. This year, with the passing of Bill Wirtz and the ascent of Rocky Wirtz, they began airing a select number of home games. Originally they planned on airing around 10, but they had began airing a few more in the final weeks of the season (one's with "playoff implications," the last one being tonight against Detroit) that was not in the original plan. This will be the first time since the 70's that WGN has shown any Blackhawks games.

A lot has changed for the Blackhawks this season, which is great. They have a fantastic young team that I'm sure will only get better and will be a hoot to watch further down the road, if not already. Even though I am a Blue Jackets fan, it has been really exciting watching the 'Hawks this season on TV. It will be even more exciting next season, I'm sure.

Yes, it is odd that the previous culture of Blackhawks management resisted so long airing the games for all to see. An interesting quote from the Chicago Tribune:

"For most franchises, televising games is as elemental as selling watered-down beer. But in the Blackhawks' case, this was the fall of the Berlin Wall."

Just hope that the 'Bulin wall remains standing :)

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